Sadly about 3 computer meltdowns ago I lost the Hope family. I was so frustrated with the whole ordeal that I even quit playing all together for a while. Then when I started creating the  Berry Sweet sims it peaked my interest once again.

Sadly though the Hopes story has come to an end.

If you are interested in my writings though. You may want to check out my new story. (Which I promise to finish hehe)

Sorry guys~

❤ Berry


Entry 8: Haden is so big!

October 14, 2009

Screenshot-83I cannot hardly believe it! Haden just had his birthday. It seems like I have not written in ages. He is getting so grown up. We are already trying to teach him how to talk. I can scarcely fathom how fast children grow. I swear next week he will be a teenager!! Well maybe not that fast, but time seems to be flying by at an exponential rate. He is already potty trained. He is so smart.

Screenshot-82He is just so beautiful. Ian says he has my eyes. They are the most vibrant blue. I am so grateful to have him. He has given my life meaning. That little place in my heart that always felt empty is now over flowing with my love for that sweet boy.

Screenshot-84I am not the only one. Ian thinks the world of his “little Haden” They are so sweet when they are together. I think I am starting to see a little of that neurosis rubbing off on him though. I hope it won’t be as severe as it is for poor Ian. Only time will tell I suppose.

Screenshot-93This world is scary enough with out adding the fear of a neurotic father and child to the mix. I guess all I can do is Hope for the best. That is what I am best at.

Goodnight Friend


Entry 7: Haden Hope

September 23, 2009


Hello my friend. I have some wonderful news to report to you on this quiet evening. Haden Ian Hope joined our little family. He is just so beautiful. Although he is beautiful, the labor I experienced was not. It went on for what seemed like an eternity. I think it ended up being close to 48 hours. The pain was almost unbearable, but as soon as I had him in my arms all of that just washed away. Also all my fears of bringing life into this wasteland has also washed away. How could something so beautiful be wrong? It can’t.


He seems fairly healthy. He has healthy lungs for sure. He can cry and cry and cry. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do. I get a little frustrated , but lately he seems to be sleeping more soundly through  the night. That crib Ian found is working out so nicely.


Ian is so proud to be a Papa. He plays with him every chance he gets. Ian gets to stay home with him while I am at work. I get a little jealous at times. I have to get up and get ready for work and there is Ian and Haden fast asleep together in the bed. Sometimes I just want to cry, but someone has to provide for this family. Since its basically my fault Ian does not have a job. I guess it is up to me.


Oh my in all my excitement I almost forgot to tell you what happened the other night. I was just about ready for bed and I heard the creaking sound of our downstairs gate. My whole body froze. Then I heard rustling sound. Ian was already asleep and I did not want to wake him. I did not know what to do. With out thinking I headed down the stairs to see what the noise was.Screenshot-80

At the bottom of the stairs there was a thief dressed in the most ridiculous clothing I think I have ever seen. I was so angry I attacked her! I guess all my exercising was paying off, because I beat her up good!


I told her to never come back here again! If she did she would be more than sorry. She ran out of there so fast and since then it has been extremely quiet. I feel so empowered. I did not tell Ian of the indecent he worries too much as it is. I must leave you now my friend. I have work in the morning and our training programs are getting more and more grueling.

Good Night


Entry 6: Two Plus Me

September 11, 2009


Well it is official! I am having a baby. Now that I know its true I am getting so excited! As soon I got home from the appointment, I announced it to Ian. His face lit up like I had never seen before. I think his excitement made me even more excited!! We prepared a little area for the baby to sleep. We don’t have much room here, but we are doing our best. Ian even went out and somehow tracked down a crib. He did his best to clean it up and I love it! Ian is the sweetest man who ever walked.

Screenshot-81I have been so extra tired lately. I think it has to do with the pregnancy and the fact I am not catching a break at work because of it. I still have to do all the running, all the drills. Its completely exhausting. I understand it though. If we are to get stronger we can’t quit.I guess it is working, I feel myself getting stronger everyday. The baby will be coming soon,I know its soon I have been having false labor pains. They maybe false but they hurt just as much.


I am looking forward to the baby getting here. It is getting so uncomfortable. Ian has been doing his best to stay calm for me,but he is so excited and nervous, it is hard on his little neurotic heart. He is so thoughtful though. I just know he is going to be a wonderful father. I am getting so tired again. I think I better end my entry for tonight. I have a feeling the next time I write to you, there will be a new addition in the family.




I have some wonderfully tragic news my friend. The wonderful part is, Ian and I are a couple now. I guess we are as close as you can get to married with out a ring. This is a blessing and curse. You see  Ian got fired! His superior had warned him about dating any of the soldiers. I guess he didn’t listen. He certainly never told me any of that. I felt so awful, as if it were all my fault. He told me not to worry about it. He would rather be with me, than stuck at the medical ward all day. I still feel bad.

Screenshot-55I have some other tragic yet wonderful news too! I think Ian and I are going to be having a baby. I made an appointment at the base to see the doctor to find out for sure, but I am almost 100% positive I am. Are we being selfish? Trying to bring life into such an awful place? Perhaps, but something tells me this is going to be a wonderful blessing.

Screenshot-70I have not told Ian yet of my suspicions, but I think he may have his own. I have been very ill. Throwing up almost everyday. Not fun and not healthy, seeing we don’t exactly get food handed to us on a silver platter these days. He begged me to see the base doctor asap. He was quite relieved when I told him I had already scheduled an exam.  I guess we will have to wait and see what the doctor says.

I am sorry my friend. I know I did have much to say tonight, I am just so tired. I hope to have much more information soon.

Much Love and Good night


11Well I have been working at my new job now for a little over and month and its awful. Even though my muscle degeneration is slight, these intensive work outs we have to go through are exhausting. I get up at 4am every morning. I have to if I want to make it to the base by 6, and its a long walk. Some mornings I just want to cry. Not only am I tired but I am dirty. Even though the base is almost brand new. They don’t have much water. Showers are only allowed to medical staff. For health reasons. I thought for sure they would have housing set up for people, yet again, they don’t. They do have food though. Sometimes it is a hot meal. Which beats the cans of soup I have at home. With no way to heat them. Cold tomato soup is only appetizing for so long.

Screenshot-46Ian and I are becoming very close. The sweetest man who has ever walked this earth. I have learned that his past is not too different from my own. He  is the soul survivor of the Bowler family. Unfortunately the loss of his mother weighed greatly on his sanity. He is a little on the nervous side. When he comes to visit he is always checking the sink. I try to ease his mind but I can tell something still troubles him.

Screenshot-47I can’t say that my sanity is much better. The other night while Ian was visiting, I just lost it. I started crying and it was uncontrollable sobs. He comforted me until I could form a cohesive sentence. Once I snapped back to reality. He told me not to worry. It was a side effect of the medication. I am not sure if it really was, but it did make me feel better.

Screenshot-50We shared our first kiss. Yup I am in love. I am not sure if I should tell him just yet. But I think he may feel the same way. Hopefully I will have good news next time I get to speak to you.

Good night Friend,


Entry 3: We want you!

August 23, 2009

Screenshot-43Dear friend,

It has been a few days since I have been able to write to you. I have been surprisingly busy. Kinda hard to believe since there is nothing to do here… Anyways while I was out the other day, I came upon what I assume use to be an old printing building. But the only thing I found inside were boxes of  news papers. The newest paper I could find was from about 2 years ago. It seems that this building was still in operation even after the blasts. I decided to grab a few of the newest papers to take home with me, so I would have something else to read besides the only book I own “Unicorns for Audrey”. I really love that book, but when you have had to read it over 20 times. It really gets old. So when I got home I opened one of the papers and I found an interesting article on a military base. The base was only on the other side of town. It said that it was still in operation and was working on assembling a team to rebuild the city. I got really excited and then I remembered that this paper was over 2 years old. Well I had nothing else to do in this wasteland. So the next morning bright and early I went searching.

Screenshot-45And I found it. I could not believe my eyes! The building was in perfect condition. I stood in amazement for several minutes and then entered. There were people inside! I felt my heart pound with excitement. I was not alone in this forsaken place anymore! I could feel tears of pure joy begin to well up in my eyes. I figured this was not the best time to start break down crying, so I sucked it up and found my way to the Generals Office.

Screenshot-47When I entered the office of Jack Bunch, I think he was more than a little surprised to see me. He got up from his desk and introduced himself. I told him I was interested in joining the team that I had read about in the paper. For a moment he was quiet and then he nodded. He then explained a little more information about the ZHD(Zombie Horde Destroyers) and what it would take for me to join. After I agreed to all the conditions, he sent me immediately to their medical facility.

Screenshot-48The doctor there put me through a whole line of tests. She said she wanted to see how bad my muscle degeneration was. I had never thought about that before. She said I was in the very early stages but it was treatable. I was quite relieved to hear that. After she was finished, she told me a nurse would be coming in with a some medication that I needed to take from now on.


Screenshot-50The nurses name was Ian Bowler. We shook hands and then he explained the medication I was going to be taking. He said it would help to reverse the muscle loss. Now I am not sure if it was the fact that I had not been in human contact with anyone for three years. But the moment we touched, I felt this wave of calm rush over me. He had a very gentle voice, and my friend, I think I may have a small crush on him. I came up with question after question to keep him in the room. I think after a little while he finally started to catch on and offered to walk me home. I told him it was all the way on the other side of town, but he did not mind.

Screenshot-52When we finally returned to my place it was almost dark. I thanked him for walking me home and gave him a hug. I did not want that hug to ever end. His warmth against me was almost magical. I was about to say goodbye and it dawned on me. I couldn’t let him walk home alone in the middle of the night! I explained what had happened to me just a few nights before. He agreed it would probably be best if he stayed.

Screenshot-53We spent entire night talking. I think he understood how starved for conversation I was. I was a little disappointed when the sun began to rise. He said he better go and I nodded. That brings me back to you my friend. I couldn’t possibly forget to write to you about my amazing day! I would write more about my feelings for Ian, but I am so terribly tired, I must wait until next time.

Goodnight Friend,



Dear Friend,

I can’t even explain the terror that I had to experience today! It was my own fault too! I don’t know why I did not listen. I was out for a routine salvage around my …neighborhood, if you can call it a neighborhood. When I came across a brick house. I knew I had not been there before, so I decided to go inside and look around. It looked like I was a little to late to find anything of use in this place and the stench…the stench was unbearable!!! While I was searching the rooms. The unthinkable happened. The sun began to set. It couldn’t possibly be dusk already!?! I knew I had no choice I had to leave immediately. As I turned around I ran smack dab into two of “them”

Screenshot-73Screenshot-72Screenshot-78For a moment they just stared at me. I was paralyzed with fear. I began to take a few steps back. Their creepy eyes still locked on me. The I ran! I ran for my life!

Screenshot-75Screenshot-76Screenshot-77I knew for sure that my life was over. This would be my last moment here in this hell. For a brief second that almost seemed inviting, then I snapped out of it! I took the deepest breath I could muster of that horribly contaminated air and I ran even faster! It must have been adrenaline because I took off out of there so fast! When I passed the edge of the property they stopped. I did not stop though, I ran all the way home. When I returned home, I guess  that adrenaline had all been used up. I began to feel terribly dizzy. I decided I should probably get some rest. I changed into my poor excuse of a night shirt and got under the covers. I don’t think my poor body had been pushed so far in my life. I was not even in bed for five minutes and I started to feel sick.

Screenshot-79This day was just getting better and better. Unfortunately after throwing up. I did not feel any better and what was worse, now I had no desire to sleep. That is why I came to you my friend. You seem to console me. Even as I write, I am starting to feel a little better.

Thank you again dearest friend.                                                                     Goodnight.


Entry 1: Macy Hope

August 18, 2009

3Hello. I have never had a journal before, I am not exactly sure how to start one. I guess I will start with the basics.  My name is Macy Hope. I decided to start this journal in hopes I can keep what little sanity I have left. I remember when I was younger, my older sister had a journal. She said if it wasn’t for that book she would have lost her mind. I am hoping it can do the same for me. It has been almost three years since the explosions that changed my life forever. I am the sole survivor of the Hope family. Hope…. it almost seems comical now. How can anyone have hope, when they have lost everything and everyone that they had ever known. Well I can tell you it is the most horrifying experience, which I Hope (hah there it is again) to never have to relive. 5Every passing day the memories of my family fade more and more, but the pain and heartache seem just as strong as that first horrible day. The only possession I own from my former life is a framed photo of my mother. It was taken while we were on vacation and she never looked more beautiful. I guess you could say that this is the only thing in my life that gives me… Hope. The photo is a reminder of what life use to be like and what I desperately wish it can be again. I don’t know if it ever will to be honest, but deep down I still believe it can.

4If it was not for my mothers photo. I would probably not be here today. The world is a scary place and I struggle to survive. Even finding this paper to write, was no easy task. I have taken refuge in an abandoned shelter. Its just a small building built above the ground, with a gated fence. I am not sure what happened to the former inhabitants. Anything is possible really, I prefer not to think about that too much though. If I did I would never get to sleep at night. Everything I own has been salvaged from near by homes. I do have a bed but it is not much to speak of.

8I guess I should not complain. I could be stuck out side in the darkness. Just the thought of that makes me want to cry. Sure its not so bad during the day, but at night… at night it is like there is a blindfold over the world. I would not dream of being out past the sun setting. Only “they” can see then. It is almost day light again and I have not slept. I better end this entry and try to get some sleep. I can see why my sister was so fond of journals. It almost feels like a have a friend to listen to me.

Thank you friend and good night,



Greetings my name is Joseph Simmly, and I am a History Professor at Academie Le’Tour. That being said you may or may not know of my research. Well if it is the latter let me explain. Many years ago I came across a manuscript. It was written in an old simlish dialect and I have spent many many years translating it. I come to you today with the finished translation. It is quite an amazing tale of faith, love and hope!

PictureWhen I came across this manuscript, there was but one picture tucked inside the first couple pages, and it was of the young woman Macy Hope. As you read you will see the amazing struggle that she endured. Now I am sure you all read in your history books about that time in our dark past.”When the lights went out”. It seems so long and forgotten now, but after reading this, you will never think the same way about the dark times again, I assure you.

Screenshot-58Macy Hope was from a small beach town called Sunset Valley. Sadly for me this town no longer exits. Her documentation begins almost 3 years after the series of explosions that wiped out almost 3/4 of the entire worlds population.

This translation took me many years of hard work and study to finally complete and I am very pleased with the results. I hope you will take the time to read this amazing woman’s journey.


Joseph Simmly